"I contacted Dr. Armstrong pursuant to an advertisement that I saw in the monthly Virginia Lawyer magazine. I asked Dr. Armstrong to evalutate medical records involving a potential medical malpractice matter that a client of mine asked me to look into.

I forwarded the medical records to Dr. Armstrong and I was pleasantly surprised to get a prompt and succinct response to my inquiry.

Dr. Armstrong's evaluation of the materials provided greatly assisted me in my own evaluation of the case, and in helping my client understand the pit falls of proceeding with a medical malpractice matter.

I would not hesitate to use Dr. Armstrong again, and as any practicing attorney who has dealt with medical malpractice knows, these types of cases are not always what they seem to be. "

Jessie J. Johnson Jr., Esq.
Johnson, Gardy & Teumer Suffolk, Virginia

"Dr. Armstrong is amazing!  Dr. Armstrong was able to advise us on several of our medical malpractice cases.  She is able to determine if medical malpractice has occurred, and when it has, she is able to certify the case or advise how we need to proceed.  Being both a physician and an attorney made her an invaluable member of our team.  She has added great value to our cases."

Richard Gilman, Esq.
Day Law Group Forest, Virginia

“We have used Dr. Armstrong to review multiple cases. She is prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, and responsive. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Armstrong’s services.”

Matthew Bass, Esq.
Burnett & Williams Leesburg, Virginia

“I highly recommend Dr. Deborah Armstrong for medical expert witness reviews.  Dr. Armstrong is thorough, well-prepared, and focuses on the key issues in any case.  She is uniquely qualified to offer insight into the medical care at issue, as well as the evidentiary challenges and requirements for the case.  Dr. Armstrong sets forth the main strengths and weaknesses and how best to showcase (or attack) them.”

Rodney S. Dillman, Esq.
Hancock Daniel, Virginia Beach, Va

“We have used Dr. Armstrong on a number of medico-legal matters and have thoroughly pleased with her as an expert. She is extremely attentive to the nuances in a case and has always been ready and willing to assist in helping us with a variety of issues ranging from standard of care to causation to medical costs. We wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Sherwood Day, Esq.
Day Law Group Forest, Virginia